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ISF Fellow 2021 (TYT- 1st Runner-up)

Nehru-Fulbright Visiting Fellow at UC Davis 2020-2021.


I am an evolutionary anthropologist, and my research aims to understand human evolution, conservation and behavioural plasticity in non-human primates. 

Area of interest - Primatology, Primate Archaeology, Ethnography, Conservation

PhD Project Website:

Student representative IUCN SSA Gibbon Group


   i)  MRSB Royal Society of Biology (2023)   

  ii)  American Society of Primatologists  

 iii)  Primate Society of Great Britain  

 iv)  International Primatological Society  

  v)  Primate Education Network

 vi)  British Ecological Society 

vii)  World Archaeology Congress (WAC)

viii) International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK) 

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